Hidden Scars Box Set


The Harrington men will have you begging for more!




The moment she walked into my tattoo shop, I knew there was something special about her. She had a strength in her eyes that left me breathless and just like that, I was hooked.


But the scars she carries run deep.


Even though the connection between us is electric, I can feel her reluctance. Maybe that would be enough to deter other guys but not me. I will do whatever it takes to convince her to let me into her guarded heart.





I once considered myself a confident, intelligent woman. Then, he came into my life. He tore me down every way he could, leaving me a broken shell of who I once was. 


Now, I'm free.


I got away and am working hard to pick up my shattered pieces. I know the last thing I need is another man in my life. Yet I never planned on Phoenix West. The ridiculously charming tattoo artist awakens my innermost desires with his sexy smile and easygoing nature. Even so, I can’t risk another heartache… can I?  


I want to take a chance on him. 

I want to let him in. 

But my past is lurking in the shadows, and it refuses to be ignored.


Ten seconds can change everything.




Since the days of pigtails and Barbie dolls, I’ve been in love with my best friend’s brother. Through the years I watched him grow from a cute kid to a delectable man who could make my pulse race with a single glance. Unfortunately, he never seemed to feel the same and to spare myself a broken heart, I had to move on. 


Until the day when one toe-curling kiss changed everything…




My last relationship shattered me. 


Now, I’ve resigned myself to spending my life alone. It’s easier than risking the pain of loss again. Still, being around Daisy makes me forget that I’m no good for anyone. 


Unable to stay away from her, we shared one magnificent moment that could shake the foundation of our friendship. Accepting the love Daisy is offering means letting go of the past. But I fear my emotional hang-ups will doom our relationship before it even begins.


Trey is running from the demons in his past, Addilyn from the uncertainty of her future. 




My father was an alcoholic. My mother was a drug addict and the abuse I suffered at their hands was a living hell. One, I thankfully came out the other side of, stronger than ever. 


My life may be better now but I refuse to repeat the mistakes of the past, even if it means denying myself a future. 



I used to believe in happy endings. I was a glass half-full, looking for the silver lining kind of girl and then the cruel hand of fate came crashing down on my life. Now, my future is unknown and I can’t bring myself to drag anyone else down with me. 


Trey and I have been friends for years but there’s no denying that something has changed. The sizzling attraction between us recently is impossible to ignore but how can we cross that line knowing we could wind up being two more victims of fate?

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