Trey Davis doesn’t believe in fate.

With an alcoholic abusive father and a drug addict mother, he couldn’t afford to. He lived through hell as a child and came out on the other side, stronger than ever. But have those years ruined any chance he has at a future? 

Addilyn Burke used to believe in happy endings. She was a glass half full, look for the silver lining kind of girl before the cruel hand of fate came crashing down on top of her. Now, her future is unknown and she refuses to drag anyone else down with her. But how long before the weight of her decision crushes her?

Two friends – brought together by circumstance and pushed apart by fear. One running from the demons in his past and the other running the uncertainty of her future. 

Can they stop running long enough to see that everything they’ve ever wanted is right in front of them? Or will they be just two more victims of fate? 

Signed Copy of Evading Fate

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