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I once considered myself a confident, intelligent woman. Then, he came into my life. He tore me down every way he could, leaving me a broken shell of who I once was.

Now, I'm free.

I got away and I am working hard to pick up my shattered pieces....

*Hidden Scars is a prequel to the Bayou Devils MC. While it's not necessary to read it beforehand, we definitely recommend doing so*

Bayou Devils MC Series

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The MC calls me Storm for a reason. I've been to hell and back with the scars to show from it. No stranger to pain, the only comfort I find is partnering with my brothers at the club to fight for those not able to defend themselves.

I swore I would never let anyone else into my heart, to spare myself yet another agonizing loss. Then, I saw Alison and began to wonder if, for her...


For years, there has been something missing from my life and the moment I saw Carly, I knew she is everything I’ve been looking for. She’s got baggage and thick, steel reinforced walls around her heart that refuse to let me get too close. That’s okay, though. I’m a determined man and I have no problem...


When the President of my MC pulls me aside and asks me to watch over Tatum Carter while keeping my distance from her, it seems like a simple chore. One that will give me a temporary reprieve from the pressure of my life. And then I saw her...


Nineteen years ago, my world came crashing down around me. In the blink of an eye, my family was gone and my childhood was ripped away from me, forcing me to step up and care for my little brother, Clay. He’s the only person I have left and despite the trouble he’s constantly getting himself into, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to protect him.

Or so I thought.

Then a truck runs a red light and I come face-to-face with her...

little do you know-ebook-complete.jpg

Inmate 606 - that’s been my identity for seven long years and now that I’m free, there are only two things I want. My old life back and my girl.


Kady was more than just my childhood sweetheart; she was my whole world. Whip-smart and insanely beautiful, she challenged me at every turn and made me a better man. I haven’t heard a single word from her since the night I was arrested...

Never Let Me Go-ebook-complete.jpg

Certainly, a smart girl like Juliette knows better than to accept a ride from a stranger, especially a tatted-up biker like me. But the desperate look in her eyes makes it clear she needs help and I can’t say no. 


The thirteen hour drive back home to Baton Rouge with this mysterious woman in the passenger seat passed in a flash and when we made it to the city, I wasn’t ready to let her go...

every little thing-eBook-complete.jpg

I have wanted a family of my own for as long as I can remember. But after being blindsided and betrayed by my ex-wife, devoting myself to my career and my MC seemed like the safer option. Until recently. With the majority of my brothers settling down and starting families of their own, I can’t ignore my dreams any longer...

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I’m the only single member of the Bayou Devils MC and that’s just fine as far as I’m concerned. Sure, my brothers have found love and happiness but it’s not for me. I keep a guard up because I can’t afford to let anyone get too close, not when the darkness of my past is always hanging over me. 


But everything changed the moment Rowan Archer walked into the clubhouse...

BDMC: Second Generation

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I’ve been betrayed, beaten and broken down. In my previous life I was a Detective for the Baton Rouge PD but after being abandoned by my “brothers” on the force, I turned to the only people I had left - the Bayou Devils MC. They welcomed me with open arms and with them, I forged a new kind of brotherhood but it still wasn’t enough. I want more...

Reckless. Hothead. Asshole. 


I’ve heard it all before. They say I have an anger problem and they’re right. My story is the same one you’ve heard a hundred times - a terrible childhood and neglectful parents - but I survived. I’ve just never had anyone or anywhere to call my own - until her...

Book three in the BDMC: Second Generation series.

Blurb Coming Soon!!

Book four in the BDMC: Second Generation series.

Blurb Coming Soon!!

Book five in the BDMC: Second Generation series.

Blurb Coming Soon!!

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