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I came from nothing and as a child, that was all I was - unwanted, cast aside, forgotten. Then, I met Noah. He came bulldozing into my life at twelve years old and he saved me. Our love was destined, written in the stars, but in an instant, we lost it all.


It was all ripped away from us and my only hope was to run. Alone and scared, I had to stay hidden, shutting out everyone and everything from my previous life because if he found me again, I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape a second time. Somewhere out there a crazed maniac is waiting and watching for someone to lead him right to me…



Inmate 606 - that’s been my identity for seven long years and now that I’m free, there are only two things I want. My old life back and my girl.


Kady was more than just my childhood sweetheart; she was my whole world. Whip-smart and insanely beautiful, she challenged me at every turn and made me a better man. I haven’t heard a single word from her since the night I was arrested but my brothers of the Bayou Devils MC have been looking for her. And now that I’ve joined the hunt, nothing will stand in my way.


Wherever she is, I will find her and I will make her mine again.

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