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It Ends Tonight




Nineteen years ago, my world came crashing down around me. In the blink of an eye, my family was gone and my childhood was ripped away from me, forcing me to step up and care for my little brother, Clay. He’s the only person I have left and despite the trouble he’s constantly getting himself into, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to protect him.


Or so I thought. 


Then a truck runs a red light and I come face-to-face with her. I’m drawn to Quinn in a way I’ve never felt before and for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to think I could have more. Then, a chance encounter reveals deeply buried secrets and challenges everything I thought I knew... 




I’m all too familiar with loss. After losing my parents and grandmother, my younger sister and daughter are all I have left in this world. Nothing means more to me than them and yet, there is a small part of me that dreams of having a family of my own one day.


Yet, there is a secret I’m hiding from the world. One I’m forced to face when I meet Lucas, and wounds from my past are torn open. If the truth is allowed to come to light, it could cost us both the only family we have left. 


But some sins cut too deep to stay buried…

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