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I woke up in a life I don’t remember. People I don’t recognize keep telling me that this thriving business, beautiful home, and handsome fiance are mine - but none of it feels right. 

The past five years of my life are a mystery to me and every clue only leads to more questions. Questions that I can’t answer. Lost in an unfamiliar world and overwhelmed by the uncertainty around me, there is only one thing I can do - run. 



Certainly, a smart girl like Juliette knows better than to accept a ride from a stranger, especially a tatted-up biker like me. But the desperate look in her eyes makes it clear she needs help and I can’t say no. 


The thirteen hour drive back home to Baton Rouge with this mysterious woman in the passenger seat passed in a flash and when we made it to the city, I wasn’t ready to let her go. So I offered to let her crash at my place and I was just as shocked as she was when she said yes. But we had no way of knowing that danger was right on our heels until moments of seemingly bad luck began to add up to real trouble.   


Finding answers means digging into her past, which is easier said than done since her memories are gone, but I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. And when all this is over, I will fight just as hard to make her mine.

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