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I have wanted a family of my own for as long as I can remember. But after being blindsided and betrayed by my ex-wife, devoting myself to my career and my MC seemed like the safer option. Until recently. With the majority of my brothers settling down and starting families of their own, I can’t ignore my dreams any longer.

It’s been ten long years and I’m done letting the woman who abandoned me control my future. Or, so I thought until fate and a meddlesome best friend dropped her right back into my life, tearing open old wounds that had just begun to heal.


It was a moment of weakness. One single mistake that turned out to be the biggest regret of my life. I allowed Wyatt to believe I betrayed him. I let him think I walked out on our marriage and the love we’d shared since we were kids and every day since, I have been haunted by that choice.


When I finally come face-to-face with him again, our connection is just as strong as it ever was, proving once again that I never truly got over him but there are things he doesn’t know. Things that, no matter how much we still love each other, may just be too big to overcome.

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