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People are cruel. It’s a lesson I learned at a young age and one I’ve carried with me ever since. I keep myself closed off from the world to avoid experiencing that caliber of pain again and I don’t see that ever changing. Then, Chance Turner roared into my life on the back of his bike.


On the outside, he’s everything I should avoid - cocky, rebellious, player - but I can’t seem to stay away. The way I ache for him is dangerous and the way he makes my heart race is going to be catastrophic but when someone I love is in danger, I have no other choice.


Chance is the only one who can help me. All I can do now is pray I have the strength to resist him.



For years, there has been something missing from my life and the moment I saw Carly, I knew she is everything I’ve been looking for. She’s got baggage and thick, steel reinforced walls around her heart that refuse to let me get too close. That’s okay, though. I’m a determined man and I have no problem putting in the work to get what I want.


When she comes to me for help, it feels like a step in the right direction and whatever it takes, I refuse to let her down. She needs me and I will go to war for the people she loves if that’s what it takes to win her heart. 


But I didn’t realize that she would be fighting me just as hard as the bastard we’re hunting.

Signed Copy of Addicted to Love

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