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When I was fifteen, my father died suddenly and just like that, I became the man of the house. The burden of caring for my mother and little sisters fell on my shoulders. Ever since then, I’ve been a rock, a port in the storm for the people I love, there for them whenever they need me. But the pressure of my responsibilities has taken its toll and I’m drowning under the weight of it all.


When the President of my MC pulls me aside and asks me to watch over Tatum Carter while keeping my distance from her, it seems like a simple chore. One that will give me a temporary reprieve from the pressure of my life. And then I saw her. All it took was one glimpse and I knew staying away from her was going to be impossible.



Life made me a fighter. Every hardship and obstacle I’ve endured strengthened my perseverance. Yet nothing prepared me for the unexpected death of my mother. My world was shattered, leaving me struggling to keep my head above water.


And then Lincoln appeared. Sure, the first time I met him, I thought he was an unbelievable jerk but even then, there was just something about him that called to me. The second time we bumped into each other, it felt like something I shouldn’t ignore. Our connection was like a force of nature and I couldn’t help getting swept up in it.


That’s when the phone calls began. Mysterious messages and cryptic packages on my doorstep hinted that I never truly knew my mother. I turn to Lincoln for help but as we face down the ghosts of my mother’s past, I fear what we find may steal the only serenity Lincoln and I have ever known.

Signed Copy of Every Breath You Take

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