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I’ve been betrayed, beaten and broken down. In my previous life I was a Detective for the Baton Rouge PD but after being abandoned by my “brothers” on the force, I turned to the only people I had left - the Bayou Devils MC. They welcomed me with open arms and with them, I forged a new kind of brotherhood but it still wasn’t enough. I want more.


Husband. Father. Those are titles I crave but my dreams of finding love and having a family of my own went up in smoke a long time ago. Until Isabelle Hutton. We’ve known each other for years but neither one of us was prepared for the attraction that drove us to each other that night. Our connection was all-consuming and the three days we spent lost in each other only proved one thing - I was never going to get enough of this woman. 



I have one simple rule when it comes to dating - don’t get attached.

I’m all for having a good time but as soon as a man starts to get close, I’m onto the next. I like my life the way it is. Or, at least, I did before I stumbled into a dark alley and witnessed something I was never supposed to see. Wrong place at the worst possible time.

Now, my life is in danger and I only know one person who can help me: Diego. But I’ve been keeping something from him, something that will turn his entire world upside down.

Signed Copy of This Ain't Love

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