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When my mother passed away, I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Then, I walked into my apartment three weeks later and found my boyfriend screwing some other girl… in my bed. It was my breaking point. I was sick of the sleepy little town I grew up in, sick of my terrible job that barely made ends meet, and I did the only sensible thing I could do - I called my big brother. He wants me to come down to Baton Rouge to stay with him and his new wife and a change of scenery sounds like exactly what I need right now. 


The first time I walk into the clubhouse of the Bayou Devils MC and see Travis Broussard sitting at the bar, I’m intrigued.  Random hook-ups aren’t usually my thing but several hours and plenty of alcohol later, we find our way to each other. We are two broken people, aching for a connection. Nothing can come of it. There is no future for us and yet we can’t seem to stay away...


I’m the only single member of the Bayou Devils MC and that’s just fine as far as I’m concerned. Sure, my brothers have found love and happiness but it’s not for me. I keep a guard up because I can’t afford to let anyone get too close, not when the darkness of my past is always hanging over me. 


But everything changed the moment Rowan Archer walked into the clubhouse. I couldn’t stay away from her and after one night, I knew it wouldn’t be enough. We were supposed to keep things casual. We were supposed to be able to walk away when things were over. But someone has been targeting the club, tormenting us in a sick little game of cat and mouse, and her connection to me puts Rowan right in the line of fire.

Signed Copy of Wicked Games

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